Board of Directors

Doug Riser

Fr. Thomas Keller

Carol Campbell

Geri Debo

Board members:
Ed Keil
John Hutchens
Mary Ann Daub
Mary Elizabeth Dorsey, Legal Consultant
Michael Dobbs
Monsignor Jack Schuler
Monsignor Mark Ulrich, ex officio
Robert Lowery
Sister Margaret Munch RSCJ
Mary Katherine Byers
Doug Keil
Sister Frances Gimber, RSCJ
Jeff Grenard


The directors of Old St. Ferdinand Shrine will provide leadership, vision, continuity of purpose, and accountability to the public.

  1. It shall implement organization purpose and mission.
  2. Set rate of progress which organization will undertake in achieving its mission
  3. Provide continuity for governance and management of the organizations’ affairs.
    • Establishes and implements program planning cycle.
    • Establishes budget and financial reporting system.
    • Participates in and oversees fundraising activities.
    • Manages assets of the organization.
  4. Confirms organization’s identity with community.
    It shall establish a process for Board Development including a policy manual which shall contain:

    • Articles of Incorporation and by-laws
    • Mission Statement
    • Policies that will describe how the Board will govern and organize its work:
      • Role of Board
      • Standing Committees
      • Operational Policies