Two Free Financial Seminars in September

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The FREE event that puts money back in your pocket

If you’re like most of the people we help, many of your past financial decisions were made one-at-a-time, sometimes under pressure, with incomplete information or based on questionable advice.

As a result, you have financial inefficiencies structured into your monthly bills.

Each of us has finite wealth-building potential, and every lost dollar is magnified a thousand-fold in terms of lifetime opportunity costs.

The waste adds up. Add inflation, market volatility, and the potential for higher taxes, and many of us wonder how we’ll reach our goals.

If you could save some of the money currently going to insurance companies, investment companies, banks, and Uncle Sam, would you want to know how?

You’ll Learn:

All Your Insurances

  • How to choose coverage amounts, elimination periods, deductibles.
  • How to buy disability or long term care insurance for the lowest cost and highest value.
  • What kind of life insurance is right for the situation? Term or Perm?
  • How to buy Long Term Care insurance with zero net cost…

Investment Fees and Taxes

  • Do the costs of variable annuities outweigh their benefits?
  • What are excessive mutual fund fees?
  • What are the least expensive investments to buy and hold?
  • How to save thousands and thousands in capital gains, dividends and interest taxes…

Debt Structure and Lazy Assets

  • How to prioritize debt repayment.
  • How to identify lazy assets and put them to work
  • The single most efficient way to repay high interest debt
  • How to take on debt in a way that actually increases wealthbuilding.
  • How to analyze a home mortgage…

Plus… All Attendees Receive …

(one each per household)

  • A free thumb drive loaded with dozens of worksheets and calculators for budgeting, debt repayment, and many, many more.
  • A copy of the Financial Stewardship Bible, with 2300 financial verses highlighted green, and a 40-day bible study about God’s wisdom about money.
  • We’ll show you where to download the best financial calculator app, and how to use it to calculate opportunity cost


Old St. Ferdinand Shrine


Kirkwood Community Center, Room 202

111 S Geyer Road

Kirkwood, MO 63031