Thank You to Our Shrine Friends

St. Rose Philippine’s View

Thank you to all who have helped in the Friends’ “Save the Shrine” campaign. Your sacrifice gives us hope that the home of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne will be preserved for generations! See photos on this page showing the difference these restorations are making to “Save the Shrine” from the effects of weather and time.

Our efforts are continuing and we greatly need your ongoing financial support to “Save the Shrine”. A self-addressed return envelope is enclosed so you may re-new or join with us in completing the restoration of St. Ferdinand Shrine ahead of the Shrine’s 200 year anniversary in 2019. You can “supersize” your financial donation to “Save the Shrine” by letting us know if your employer matches your generous donation. Providing this information reinforces our combined efforts in saving this historical setting that helped set the stage for western expansion of our country.

We also welcome your help with the many tasks of operating and maintaining the Shrine. Check one of the boxes on the reply if you can volunteer a bit of time as “many hands, do make light work”.

With your support, the restoration of the windows on all three levels of the convent has been completed. From the outset, saving and using the original glass was a primary goal in our restoration efforts. Ninety percent (90%) of the original window glass on the second floor of the convent was reused. When visiting the shrine you may look out the same window glass as St. Rose Philippine Duchesne did each day she spent here at the convent.

This part of the restoration, costing approximately $70,000, could not have been completed without the efforts of you and others who joined us in this task. We must again express our joyful thanks for your support in completing this first important step to “Save the Shrine”.

Your donations and volunteered efforts have enabled the porch to be painted; a new access ramp into the church to be installed; repairs to the boiler, and numerous minor repairs that simply come with a nearly 200 year old building complex.

We are beginning to move forward on tuck pointing the brickwork, as well as installing new guttering on all the buildings of the shrine. This work must be completed to allow the interior restoration of the convent and rectory to begin and we ask you, the Friends of St Ferdinand Shrine, for your support once more.

We joyfully share with you the current small successes our combined efforts have achieved here at the St. Ferdinand Shrine, but without your continued financial and volunteer support to “Save the Shrine”, the home of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne will not be possible. Needing your continued help in tackling this vital restoration cannot be understated, so please commit or re-commit your support by donating today, allowing us to take advantage of the summer months for these repairs.

We end this letter as it started by thanking you for your past support as well as in advance for your future support of the Friends of St. Ferdinand Shrine’s “Save the Shrine” effort.

Convent dormer window and sill rot

Repaired Convent dormer and sill

All three floors of the Convent with new windows and a new access ramp to the church. Thanks for all of the support and help you have provided for the “Save the Shrine” efforts of the Friends of St. Ferdinand Shrine. You will find the tasks which lie ahead pictured below for which your continued support will be much needed and appreciated.

Tuck pointing and Gutters that need to be replaced on all of the Shrine’s buildings so we can move on to the interior restoration needed due to moisture coming through the walls. Your help will be greatly needed for these next two important restoration efforts to “Save the Shrine” for the generations to come.


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